Monday, October 16, 2017

You Are Invited to the Trinity Studio: Interview with Paul Sloyer, Middle School Head

Trinity’s PR and Marketing Committee will be featuring several articles on Trinity teachers and staff. Based on the popular Bravo TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio starring James Lipton, our version called Inside the Trinity Studio will highlight a select group of faculty members by asking the subject 10 questions requiring one-word answers. It is challenging for the interviewee and fun for the reader. We hope you enjoy this interesting look at one of Trinity’s leaders, Mr. Paul Sloyer, the Head of the Middle School.

Paul Sloyer was interviewed by Christine Walsh, Trinity Admissions Director.

Paul Sloyer, Middle School Head

Date of interview: September 26, 2017

Q. What is your favorite word?
A. Yet - the most powerful word in the English language.

Q. What is your least favorite word?
A. No

Q. What makes you feel creative or inspired?
A. Being outside

Q. What is your pet peeve?
A. Lateness

Q. What or where is your favorite place?
A. Vienna, Austria

Q. What sound or noise do you love?
A. Flowing water

Q. What sound or noise drives you crazy?
A. Bells

Q. What job other than your own would you like to attempt?
A. Chef

Q. What job would you not like to attempt?
A. Accountant

Q. What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
A. Welcome!!

Mr. Sloyer's favorites: Blue, college football (Florida Gators), vegetable gardening, billiards, cooking, fishing, hiking, cookbooks, the mountains and Thanksgiving!

Paul Sloyer interviewed by Trinity Admissions Director Christine Walsh

Thursday, October 5, 2017

October 2017: Virtue of the Month: RESPONSIBILITY



Responsibility is accepting the consequences of your actions.

Seeds to Plant:  If it needs to be done, Do It!

Weeds to Pull:  No excuses!

Family/School Rule:  No complaining, no blaming, no whining.

Everyone—both children and adults—has things to do in life that are important for their own growth and that of others.  It is each person’s job to do these things to the best of his/her ability.

A person who is Responsible gets the job done.  You cannot depend on an irresponsible person.

An Irresponsible person often says:  I don’t know; nobody told me; I didn’t mean to.

A Responsible person will find out the correct information and think before he/she acts.

No one Makes you do something.  You are in charge of yourself.

Whatever choice you make, you also Choose the Consequence.

A Responsible person accepts the consequences of his/her actions.

List all the Responsibilities that you have.

How are you doing?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September's Virtue of the Month: Respect


Be mindful that ALL people are entitled to respect because each person was made by God according to a unique plan.  All of God’s creatures have a right to RESPECT.

1.  Give EXAMPLES of how Jesus showed respect for all people.

2. I am respectful when I …………………

3. How do you feel when someone does not treat you with respect?

4. In every situation remember the GOLDEN RULE:

Do unto others as you  would have them do unto you.

5. Make a LIST of how to respect YOURSELF.

6. Make a LIST of ways you respect OTHERS.

7. Make a list of ways you respect the ENVIRONMENT.

8. Here’s a good rule to live by:  Before you say anything, ask yourself:

“Is it kind?” and “Is it necessary?”

9. Create a CLASS MOTTO for RESPECT.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy 76th Birthday, Trinity School!

Trinity School in Elicott City, MD

Happy 76th Birthday, Trinity School!

Friends and colleagues,

I just wanted to send a short note to wish everyone at Trinity a happy 76th birthday!  I am thinking about everyone and praying for you all this day- especially with the beloved Genesee Valley trip finishing up for the 7th grade.  I hope that everyone has had a wonderful first week of school, and that everyone gets a weekend to catch up on rest in the two days ahead.  For as wonderful as the first few days of school are- it's even more wonderful when they are done and life at school can get back to normal!

Things are going well here in Minnesota, and we are finishing our 2nd week of school.  I've been enjoying the start of the school year, although I underestimated the culture shock of joining a different school, where there are policies I am not used to, stories I am not aware of, and 180 middle school students to learn their names.  I also am learning to teach a US history course 4 times a week, doing the best I can to learn history myself before presenting it to my students!  Overall, it has been wonderful being back in Minnesota and the weather has been beautiful- although we're only a few months away from winter.  We will see how much I like the weather then.

I hope everyone has a great day today and a day where you can celebrate a wonderful school you get to call home.  

God bless,

Kyle Rickbeil

Monday, June 5, 2017

Thank You to My Maryland Family

Thank you to my Maryland family…

By  Mr. Rickbeil

Mr. Kyle Rickbeil Teaching in 2005

Thirteen years ago, I encountered a major setback on my way to becoming a teacher.  I was weeks away from moving to New Jersey to start a master's program at Seton Hall University and a teaching job in the Diocese of Newark when everything fell through.  I was unable to find a school placement that worked, and the harder I tried, the more convinced I was that I was not supposed to be moving to New Jersey.  Discouraged, I took a one-year job teaching outdoor education at a Catholic summer camp in Indiana and waited for another opportunity to teach.  I longed to have my own classroom, and had great ambitions of what I wanted to accomplish when I finally had a chance to teach…and then came Trinity School.

I came to Trinity in the Summer of 2005 as part of the Operation Teach Program at the University of Notre Dame of Maryland.  This program has graduated several Trinity teachers, such as Mr. Hosford and Mr. Bentzley, and as well as former teachers Ms. Archer, Ms. Dries, Mr. Printz, Mr. Trotty, and Ms. Manjarrez.  During my first interview at Trinity, I was told that if I put my heart into my work I would be loved by the children and the rest of the Trinity family.  That was quite a sales pitch- I knew that I could use a family out here since mine was over 1,000 miles away!  The sales pitch was no gimmick- they were right about their promise.

During my first few drives down the long driveway off of Ilchester Road, I remembered thinking that this was an impressive school, but I was going to serve for two years and then move back to the Midwest.  Two years into my tenure, I seriously considered moving back, and had a group of friends to live with all ready for me once I made my decision.  When the time came to decide, I could not leave.  I was hooked.  My heart was at Trinity, and I knew it wasn't time to go.  I planned to stay for two more years, until the basketball team I was coaching graduated.  Two years later, I was offered one of those job opportunities that I couldn’t refuse, offering a higher salary and better hours.  I refused it.  I decided to stay a few more years until my next basketball team graduated.  After those three years, I decided to stay another two years, and before too long I ended up here for 12 years.

These last twelve years have been full of memories, and they have certainly been enjoyable.  I have been blessed to take on many different assignments at Trinity, and each of them brought great joy to my life.  Teaching religion was everything I hoped it would be, and it was such a thrill to share the goodness of God with so many classes of Trinity middle school students.  Coaching basketball, track, and cross-country may have been my greatest thrill on campus, and the races and games brought plenty of life to my weekends.  It was a blessing to offer my loud voice and my energy for the pep rally, fall festival, and spring event.  And of course, I was beyond blessed to succeed my hero and close friend Mr. Wilson a few years ago as Head of Middle School.  I have seen this campus from many different angles doing many different jobs during the past 12 years, and it's beautiful any way you look at it.

Counting my five years in Indiana before Trinity, I have been away from my family in Minnesota for the past seventeen years.  During these past twelve years, I have been adopted into the Trinity family and have been greatly blessed by your support.  I have met students I will always remember, co-workers that were true friends, and parents that were teammates in this great work of education.  The Trinity family has definitely kept me busy during the last twelve years, and it has certainly made sure I was well-fed!  As a supportive family, Trinity has also provided for much of my education by helping me through two masters' degree programs at Notre Dame of Maryland and at Marymount University.  I have also learned countless valuable lessons about working with people on the job, whether it was in my classroom, my office, or on the basketball court.  I have also benefited from the supportive leadership of Sr. Catherine, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Law, and our other administrators over the past twelve years that have clearly put their whole heart into their work.

After seventeen years away, I know with much clarity that it's time to return to Minnesota.  Faith, family, and love are all calling me back to the Midwest, and those are three pretty good reasons to return anywhere.  I am going to miss Trinity.  Although I have dreams of coming back to lead the pep rally, chaperone the Genesee Valley trip, or do the live auction at the Spring event, I am sure that I will have other commitments in Minnesota that will make these unfeasible.  Please know, however, that Trinity will be in my prayers, and I will come back to visit.  Our mission of proclaiming the goodness of God and teaching children what they need for life is beautiful in its simplicity and effectiveness, and I know the Trinity family will be a blessing to many more families that come down the long driveway.

Thank you for the joys of the past twelve years, and for adopting me as a son in the Trinity family.  This school has truly been a place where I've learned to love education.

With thanks,
Kyle Rickbeil

Thursday, April 13, 2017

APRIL: Virtue of the Month ~ KINDNESS



To become a good person, one must do good things, make good choices, express good attitudes, share with others, and engage in good behavior.

LOVE is KIND; love is NOT rude.

A KIND person is one who:
  • Compliments others
  • Cheers up someone who is sad
  • Helps others
  • Smiles
  • Shares
  • Gives to the less fortunate

ADD TO THIS LIST: ______________________________________________

REFLECTION: Jesus was kind to everyone, not just to those who were nice to Him.  Jesus shared bread with others.  He spent time with others who were sick or needed someone to talk to.

Give EXAMPLES of times when Jesus was kind to others.


PASS IT ON (Henry Barton)

Have you had a kindness shown?

Pass it on

“Twas not given for thee alone,

Pass it on.

Let it travel down the years,

Let it wipe another’s tears,

“Till in Heaven the deed appears-

Pass it on.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Virtue of the Month: FORGIVENESS


Forgiveness is to pardon the wrongs done against us or to seek pardon for wrongs that we have done to another.

When the apostles asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, he included these words.

Forgive us our trespasses (sins) as we forgive those who trespass (sin) against us.

Ask to be forgiven, to forgive others, and to forgive yourself because peace cannot exist without forgiveness.

Search the Bible to find the many times when Jesus forgave others.

Read the Parable of the Lost Son
Luke 15:11 - 32

                Jesus forgave his murderers when he hung dying on the cross when he said,

“Father, forgive them:  They don’t know what they are doing.”

Forgiveness Gives You Freedom, Joy And Peace.
Without it, Revenge, Anger and Bitterness.


I will no longer dwell on this incident.
I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.
I will not talk to others about this incident.
I will not allow this incident to stand between us or hinder our relationship.