Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Trinity School Virtue of the Month for December: Tolerance

December is a good time of the year to practice tolerance.
Tolerance is respecting the dignity and rights of others – even those whose beliefs and behaviors are different from our own.

We may not agree with others, but we must respect differences.
 Tolerant people say:

“Hey stop it. You’re putting her down.”

“It’s hurtful to make fun of how people look.”

“That’s not funny.  It pokes fun at his race.”

“Why don’t you let him be on the team?  So what if he’s never hit a ball before.”

 Tolerant people:

·         Refuse to take part in activities that make fun of people because they’re different.

·         Don’t laugh at jokes that make unkind remarks about a person’s race, religion, culture or size.

·         Stand up for someone who is being put down or ridiculed.

·         Refuse to exclude someone because she/he is different or not as experienced at something as others.

·         Get into the habit of saying only positive and kind things about others.

 It takes self-control to be TOLERANT.





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