Friday, April 29, 2016

Public Speaking Skills Start Early at Trinity School

At Trinity School public speaking skills start early and continue through 8th grade. 
In preschool the student of the week brings in a poster about themselves.  They present the poster to their classmates and talk about what makes them special.  There are also performances for the parents at Halloween, Christmas, and at the end of the school year.

In kindergarten the big event in the spring is the 3 Piggy Opera.  This is the musical version of the Three Little Pigs performed on the music room stage by the whole kindergarten.  Family and friends enjoy many pink refreshments in the kindergarten classrooms after the play. 

Another highlight of the kindergarten year is the Saint Project.  Students choose a saint to research and present to the class.  For the class presentation the children dress as their saint.  After each student's presentation Mrs. Buckley asks the class if they have any questions or compliments.  Mrs. Buckley reports that there are no questions - only compliments.  At Trinity the students are so used to speaking in front of the class that this is a fun assignment for them.

The parent of one of our recent graduates reports that at Loyola High School public speaking is required in Freshman English class.  Her son told her that all of the Trinity boys thought this was no big deal while students from other schools really struggled.   At Trinity School you really do learn everything you need for life in kindergarten!

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