Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Letter From Mrs. Martinez

A Letter From Mrs. Martinez

November 22, 2016

Dear Parents,

Among many other privileges, I am blessed daily to observe and be actively engaged in the multitude of rich academic experiences and opportunities our children are exposed to each day at Trinity.

 Recently, I took the opportunity to sit among our 3rd grade students at their annual class spelling bee. It brought me great joy to see the children so actively engaged and learning to love learning.  Listening to the students confidently and correctly spell words such as ambiguous, special and spellbound was quite impressive!  More importantly than the exemplification of our motto, what impressed me most was the support and encouragement that the students offered one another.  It was evident that each child knew their worth and appreciated one another.  Ultimately, though, the most valuable aspect of the experience for me is that I am confident I would find much the same in all of our classrooms.

Our recent school showing of the documentary SCREENAGERS has prompted me to request that you be extra vigilant about the computer interaction and internet activities in which your children engage in as well as the video games they play, the television programs, and movies your children watch.  I urge you not to allow access to the internet in a room where you are not directly supervising its use. Please be sure the computer is set so that you have full view of the screen. Young children are fear free and quite adept when it comes to the use of the internet.   They could easily be a click away from viewing inappropriate images or innocently participating in harmful activities.

Homework plays an important role in classroom learning each day.  Although the demands of balancing after school activities and family life is challenging, it is important that our children take the time necessary to carefully complete their home assignments regularly.  As we move into our 2nd trimester we ask that you please encourage and support your child in these efforts, as these are skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

With the variety of upcoming prayer services and concerts scheduled throughout December, there will be many opportunities to enter into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy this special time of year.  May the season hold for you and your family precious times and special moments, creating memories that you cherish for years to come.

Warm regards,                                                                                                            
Margie Martinez
Head of Primary School

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