Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy 76th Birthday, Trinity School!

Trinity School in Elicott City, MD

Happy 76th Birthday, Trinity School!

Friends and colleagues,

I just wanted to send a short note to wish everyone at Trinity a happy 76th birthday!  I am thinking about everyone and praying for you all this day- especially with the beloved Genesee Valley trip finishing up for the 7th grade.  I hope that everyone has had a wonderful first week of school, and that everyone gets a weekend to catch up on rest in the two days ahead.  For as wonderful as the first few days of school are- it's even more wonderful when they are done and life at school can get back to normal!

Things are going well here in Minnesota, and we are finishing our 2nd week of school.  I've been enjoying the start of the school year, although I underestimated the culture shock of joining a different school, where there are policies I am not used to, stories I am not aware of, and 180 middle school students to learn their names.  I also am learning to teach a US history course 4 times a week, doing the best I can to learn history myself before presenting it to my students!  Overall, it has been wonderful being back in Minnesota and the weather has been beautiful- although we're only a few months away from winter.  We will see how much I like the weather then.

I hope everyone has a great day today and a day where you can celebrate a wonderful school you get to call home.  

God bless,

Kyle Rickbeil

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