Monday, April 27, 2015

Trinity Virtue of the Month for April: Fairness

Virtue of the month: Fairness
Fairness is the virtue that urges us to be open-minded and honest and to act justly.
A person who is fair treats others as he/she would like to be treated.

A person who is fair:
  • sticks up for others who are treated unfairly
  • takes turns and shares
  • decided on the rules and shakes on them
  • keeps an open mind and listens to all sides before judging
  • acts fairly at all times, even when unsupervised by adults
  • is fair with everyone

  1. Find out your friend's interests and choose a game you both can agree on.  It makes things fairer.
  2. Decide on the rules before the games starts and stick by them: no changing rules midstream.
  3. Use "Grandma's Rule" to determine who will go first: whoever picks the game goes last.
  4. Play until the game ends; don't quit unless you both agree.  For younger children set a timer for a specific play time and play until the buzzer goes off.
  5. Be supportive and complimentary to the other players.  Try to praise your teammates at least twice before the game ends.
  6. Never complain about your own playing - or other players' playing.  If you can't say  anything nice, just don't say anything.
  7. Always end the game on a positive note with a handshake or by saying "Good game" or "Let's do it again".  Then offer to help clean up and put the equipment away.

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